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May 22, 2007



well, you are right about how divine a bright yellow would have been but I still love the green... and I'm glad you showed that nasty polyester binding who is the boss!!
I can't wait for your polka dot request to be filled, I want in on that one!


the vintage bias tape is the most festive - and very affordable in large ebay lots and thrift stores. I bought a big ziploc bag full for $2 at a thrift store once, including some prints. also check out superbuzzy for beautiful though expensive bias tapes like this one:
making your own is not as hard as you might think either.


I've thought the same thing about the bias tape selection at Jo-Ann's. I was somewhat surprised recently to find that my local Walmart actually had more color selections in double-fold bias tape (Wright's brand, even) than the fabric store. What's up with that?

(Found your blog via a Google search for Freshcut fabric, btw)

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