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June 27, 2007



okay, this is random...

I absolutely need to make my bed within minutes of waking up.

If I leave early for work and my husband does not fulfill the duty- my wrath is upon the whole entire house. this rarely happens- maybe twice?

I hate getting into an unmade bed!


I'm one big quirk; this should have been so easy! OK, if I flip to a tv show long enough for one of the characters to start speaking, I *have* to stay long enough to hear the whole conversation. Even if I don't want to watch the rest of the show. It's a real treat to watch tv with me - just ask my husband!


I came to your nice blog through Black Apple, because I saw that you recommended Ponette, one of my all time faves, and a movie that I rarely hear anyone talk about. I liked your seven things, especially the one about your mother-in-law. Great story.

I already did this one on my own blog but will add a quirk here since I have plenty to share.

I'm afraid that my car alarm is turning me into an obsessive-compulsive! I've noticed that lately I have to hit the lock button twice to make sure I locked the doors. This is the only OCD thing about me. I think.

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