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February 12, 2007



Those are really cute; great fabric choices. My hat's off to you: I got as far as preparing a pattern for this style of shirt last year, and lost my nerve. This almost makes me want to try again!


These baby kimonos are so cute! So far I've only knitted baby kimonos, but I'd love to sew some, too...and those fabrics, just so cute! I, too, am in love with all kimono-style baby clothes...and since my husband is part Japanese, my excuse for having a kimono sweatshop of my own will be purely 'cultural'...

I also wanted to say thank you for the puppy advice - unfortunately we've tried every combination of toys, favorite blankets, our t-shirts, toys stuffed with treats - she is oblivous to it all. The only time she was semi-calm was when our cat was in there with her. They love to cuddle, but he probably wouldn't appreciate being trapped in there either...

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