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March 26, 2007



Good for you on tackling this today! I am not ready to tackle my stuff yet, but I will--I promise!

Our little town is starting a recycling day but it will only be about once every three months. This is great but now i need to find a place to house all that stuff for 3 months at a time! Aaargh!

Thanks for posting!


My recyling piles up too, so I know just how you're feeling. I also know how great you'll feel when it's gone!


Yep, this is what my paper recycling looks like, too. (I always put the oatmeal tubs in with the other paper...)

I have the same problem with plastic bags--while they come in handy, how many do I really need?

Thanks for posting!



It sounds like you suffer from the same recycling guilt that I do. If I can't decide whether or not it fits the criteria, I'll hang on to it forever. Also, we have curbside recycling, and still can't manage to empty the bin every week! Sad.

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